Adoption.  This is where God took our ashes and made something beautiful...

After Kael died, Kristin knew in her heart she wanted more children.  Nothing could ever take the place of Kael.  But having a son die and then having the hopes and dreams of any more children die with him was almost too much to bear.  Given that there is an experimental treatment for mothers that have had a child with NH with very hopeful and positive results, we decided to go forward with trying to have another child.  Kristin got pregnant about a year after Kael was born.  After an early ultrasound, we found out that Kristin had a miscarriage.  Although we could go foward to try and have more biological children, both of us strongly felt that God closed this door to us.  Kristin's heart immediately went to adoption.  Chad, reeling from the pain of two children dying in a year's time, wasn't sure if he wanted to open his heart to any more children.  The risk of opening our hearts one more time was too high.

Grief isn't something you "get over".  It's a process, a long journey.  Until death is conquered and God wipes away every last tear (Revelation 21:4). pain, sorrow, and grief are something mankind will endure.  We live in a sinful, broken world.  Our pain, our ashes from Kael's death and our unborn baby were a part of that.

But over time, God did a great work of healing in both of our hearts.  When Chad took Elliana to a doctor's appointment and saw an adopted child hold her daddy's face, in that moment he knew he not only could adopt but that he wanted to.  And so began our story with adoption...

On our journey to beauty (Isaiah 61:3), Chad came to Christ, God became the center of our marriage, and we discovered how symbolic earthly adoption is to our adoption into God's family.  We realized that so many children in the world were dying or growing up without a family and not learning about Jesus.  You see, they had ashes too.  How heart breaking that must be for our Savior.  A fire was ignited in our hearts for the fatherless (James 1:27) and we began our journey.

Each member of our family has a story of ashes, different pieces of pain and suffering because of this broken world.  And God took all of our ashes and made something BEAUTIFUL out of them.  That is the story of our family.  That is why we are a "Beauty from Ashes Family".

God's command to look after orphans has become our passion.  If you are interested in caring for the fatherless, we would love to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have or provide possible information for your own journey.  Post a comment on this page, and we'll get in touch with you.