About Us

Chad and Kristin met in the fall of 1998 during an event at the school Kristin taught at.  After a whirlwind romance, we were married in July, 1999.  Early on we had some rough years in our marriage.  But once we both began living for the Lord, we experienced a unity and togetherness we didn't even know was possible.  God has redeemed us as individuals.  He has redeemed our marriage.  We are living proof that with God, ALL things are possible.  

Chad is an engineer.  He enjoys working with his hands to build, landscape, make new rooms in the house, you name it.  He is a jack of all trades - incredibly talented, if you ask his wife.

Kristin, a former classroom teacher, now stays home with the kids and homeschools.  Her favorite thing to do is have adventures with her family.  She loves to read, loves music, and loves the outdoors.

Chad and Kristin love the Lord.  We love to serve Him, and work to live in daily surrender to Him.  We are so blessed that God gave us each other and each of the children He's placed in our quiver (Psalm 127:4-5). 

Our oldest daughter, Elliana, was born in December, 2000.  Elliana is an avid reader.  She is very creative and has a big imagination.  Elliana lives life passionately and is very caring.  She is a wonderful big sister and helper to her Mom!
Our sweet little boy Kael was born in August 2004, and passed away in October 2004.  Although his time on earth was short, his feisty personality and curious mind gave us a wonderful taste of who God made him to be.  Kael's name means "Mighty Warrior", and he is that and so much more.

Kael, we are homesick.  We can't wait to see you again...

Jaevan Jee was born in July, 2007 in South Korea.  We received his referral in January, 2008 and he arrived at O'Hare International Airport on September 3, 2008.  Jaevan, or JJ as most know him, is all boy.  He is Mr. Personality!  He is always on the GO!  He loves singing and playing drums.  He likes to keep busy!

Our youngest daughter Aria was born in December, 2007 in Jiangxi, China.  She lived in an orphanage from the time that she was 4 months old until she joined our family on November 6th, 2011..  We traveled to China on November 4, 2011 and arrived back in the United States on November 19, 2011.  Aria is small but mighty!  Aria enjoys drawing.  She likes to play dress up and wear girly clothes.  She thinks stickers are super fun, as you can tell by her picture!