Wednesday, September 5, 2012

R and K

How could we have known when we woke up today that we would see the faces of our Haitian children?  How could we have known how we would feel as we looked onto their beautiful brown eyes, knowing the heartbreak they have endured?

Today is no ordinary day.  Today we were introduced to 5 year old "R" and 1 year old "K".  Looking at the picture of these biological siblings, we can only imagine so much of their story.  But what we do see is an older sister protectively holding her baby brother's hand.  We see children that have experienced more loss than many their age.  We see children, so beautiful, so wanted, so loved... but without a family to care for them.  We see children that we long to hold, long to comfort. We see our daughter and our son.

We ask you to join us in praying over big girl "R" and little boy "K".  Pray that God would protect them, comfort them. Pray that they have enough food to eat and that they feel loved.  Pray that God would move mountains to bring them to this forever family. Pray that God would heal their grieving hearts. 

We know they are in an orphanage where they are taught about the love of Jesus.  We pray they know Christ's love while they are in Haiti, and that God will pour out His amazing love onto them through our family.

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