Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Love About Aria

In no particular order, but each of these are things I love about this little girl...

* Her sass - the kind with two snaps and a bag of chips
* Her tiny laugh and beautiful smile
* Her gentleness - in her touch and at times in her deep dark eyes
* Her hugs - she is one of the best huggers I've met!
* Her expressive faces when she talks - one word... HAM!
* Her artistic eye - not much gets past her
* Her tiny off-key singing voice - especially when she sings about Jesus
* Her drive - this girl is a go-getter in a lot of things
* Her hope - in all of her brokeness, I can still see the hope inside her heart through her tiny face
* Her Chenglish - Chinese English is pretty adorable on a 4 year old!
Aria, we love you!

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