Monday, June 11, 2012

We're Not Meant to Do This Alone

Today I ran into a friend that has recently adopted from China, and the relief on both of our ends was palpable.  Both of us have had unique challenges and struggles as our adopted children adapt to their new families and as we have adapted to having them in our lives.  I have several people in my life I know that I can share the trials that we've had through this early bonding process, and I am so blessed by their care and love they show to me.  Today, though, talking to someone that really "gets" it... oh, Lord, thank you for that!

So often we feel alone in the journey we are on.  We feel like although some may kind of understand, perhaps we actually are a bit crazy in the way we think.  We second guess ourselves, we wonder if there's something wrong with us to struggle with the issues that we do.  And then God, in His infinite compassion, sends someone that is going through something similar, someone that can completely relate to the struggles we're going through.  Then we know we're not alone, we're not completely crazy to see things as we do, how even as we make mistakes and sin in the process that no temptation has come upon us that is not common to man.  Our hearts can breathe again as we feel the relief wash over us.  It's not all in our heads.  We're not going crazy.  This stuff is hard, and others are going through it too.  When God knits souls together so they don't have to go it alone... wow.  What a gracious God we have.

Our lives are not meant to be lived alone, but in community with God and community with other people.  Tearing down the masks of "things are going fine" and being real... you just never know how you may bless someone else or how someone else may be used to breathe life into you.

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