Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Not Jesus

That title doesn't surprise any of you, I'm sure.  But hearing those words last night certainly got my attention.

I'm not Jesus.

But I've been trying to be.

This whole thing with our earthly relationships being a picture of God's relationship to us is a beautiful gracious gift, helping us see our God so personally as Father, Husband, Adoptive Parent, Friend, Lover, and Savior.

It's that last one that's tripped me up a bit... savior.  We know that type of relationship on earth, don't we?  We see it discussed in literary circles ("he's a type of savior"), we see it in so many movies (Superman, arguably, in entertainment is one of the best known saviors of mankind).  We hear stories on the news of a firefighter saving a family from a burning building, or an individual donating an organ to save another life, or a child being saved from an extreme impoverished and life threatening circumstance.  We see the "savior" relationship in a variety of ways, the best always being the "saviors" that help those that are their enemies (resonates a little bit deep for all of us, I think).

But none of these saviors are Jesus.  And neither am I.

The gospel truth is this... we as people have been given the ability to save/rescue someone in the temporal, physical sense while we are on this earth, but only Jesus Christ can SAVE people in every sense, now and eternally.  Try as I might, I cannot save any of my children spiritually.  I can guide them, curb them, hold up a mirror to them in hopes they will look up and see who they really are (sinners deserving of hell and eternal death, just like I am).  I can show them grace and love, gentleness and patience.  But I'm not Jesus.  I can't transform them.  I cannot renew them.  I cannot restore them.  Only Jesus can save.  I have my role to play.  Chad has his role to play.  Our kids have their role to play.  We can choose to accept or reject those roles.  God's given us that choice.

Do we want to be saved?  Not just from circumstances, but from death that is eternal?  From the prison of sin we daily live in?  From an enemy so crafty who seeks to destroy our lives and souls?

We long for this saving.  We write stories of happily ever afters where the good guy beats the bad guy.  We sing songs of rescue and love eternal.  Every part of our soul cries out to be saved.  But nothing of this earth can truly save us because there is only one Christ.  And he is the only one that can truly save in every sense of the word.

I'm not Jesus.  It's about time I stop trying to save my kids from eternal death and instead play my role as lover of who they are and all that encompasses.  I need to surrender them once and for all, trusting the God, the lover of my soul, to be the lover of their souls too.

Jesus saves.  Not me.


  1. Holy cow, Kristin. This is amazing. Thank you so much for your transparency. Love you.

  2. I love that so many of our earthly relationships are a reflection (however dim) of the relationships we are meant to have with God.