Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photos from the Past

Here are some photos that Aria's friend's mom sent me of her time in the orphanage. The little girl in the pictures with her, called "Shu Shu" at the orphanage, was Aria's closest friend until Shu Shu was adopted in 2010 by a family in America.

Aria is on the left. Notice her mismatched shoes. Shu Shu is actually a year younger than Aria, but she's about the same size as Aria, perhaps a bit bigger.

This time Aria is on the bottom. This is the longest I've ever seen her hair. Once again, notice her shoes. I'm thankful, though, that she even had shoes at all.

Now Aria is on the left again. She is about 2 years old in these pictures.

Little glimpses of our daughter's past, one that is filled with so many holes for us and for her. History is a precious, precious thing. We are so grateful to Shu Shu's family for capturing and sharing these moments in time.

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