Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aria's Many Medical Appointments

Today was a big day for Aria. We had 4 medical appointments for Aria today, the biggest and most important one of all of them being her cardiologist.

We started our day with Aria getting an x-ray of her heart. From there we went to see the cardiologist. After that Aria had to get some blood work done. (And I got to collect her stool sample at home - sounds fun, doesn't it?) And then later in the afternoon the poor sweetie had 2 immunizations to get. Did I mention she had her first dentist appointment yesterday too?

There are many amazing things about all of these appointments. First, I'll start with Aria's attitude. Aria was completely cooperative at every single appointment. She did exactly what the doctors and medical specialists needed her to do. I know she definitely had a little anxiety going on about each appointment, but with honesty and doing the best I could to explain to her what would happen in terms she'd understand, she seemed more confident. For example, for the radiologist, I told Aria they were just going to take pictures of her heart and she would have no owies. The "no owies" part certainly helped her willingness. Before she had her blood drawn at the lab, I told her that there would be "a little owie" and that it would be over soon. She sat there, watched the whole process, didn't cry a bit, but definitely was glad when it was over with. (She literally skipped out of that appointment when it was over!) We had no tears, we had cooperation, and once again it was a very bonding day for the two of us.

Another amazing note... Aria has absolutely no cavities in her teeth! This is a girl from an orphanage who had a poor diet. No cavities? That's amazing!

Now for the biggie... Aria's heart looks VERY good. Yes, the right side is still a bit enlarged. And yes, there still is some leaking. But it's still early after her heart surgery (only about 4 months), and so healing is still occurring. The doctor said she thought the surgeons did an excellent job. She marveled at the way they accomplished the surgery (small incision and precise stitches on the heart itself), and she told me she couldn't wait to email the surgeons in Iowa City to tell them about the way Aria's procedure was done. She said this because they (in China) did the surgery through her right side (she said it should've been done on the left, closest to the heart), and her incision should not have been vertical but horizontal. She had never seen a procedure done like Aria's was, and it brought to her mind many questions about how on earth the surgeons in China accomplished it. She even joked, "I should start sending my patients to have surgery in China!"

You know what I take out of all of that? Aria's surgery was not only overall successful, but done just as well if not better than if she had the surgery in the States. This is a big deal to us because we were given the choice if Aria should have her surgery in China or wait until she came home. We chose China, but not without a lot of concern and questions. ISN'T IT COOL that God, once again, goes beyond what we can even hope for????

Aria does not need to return to the cardiologist for a year. And if all looks well then, we won't have to go back for another 5 years (unless something unusual pops up). Aria has absolutely no restrictions on her activities. Sports? Check. Roller Coasters? Check. A marathon when she gets older? Check. NO RESTRICTIONS. Amazing!

I just am blown away. We have some test results to get back still. And whatever comes back, we will deal with that when it happens. This is our little girl, whatever will come. But to think back that before her referral, I didn't think I could go forward with a child with an "organ" condition after all we had been through with Kael. And then God asked us to take Aria, a child with heart disease. He asked me to lay down those fears and let God be God. He brought forward the opportunity for her heart surgery just 2 months before we came to bring her home. He worked in amazing ways in that operating room. And today, at the cardiologist's office as the doctor wondered aloud about possible issues with Aria's heart because of the way the surgery was done, God brought me a peace that even if another surgery was needed, God was in control. I was utterly at peace in that office. That was a hugely supernatural thing right there! And if that wasn't enough, God showed the doctor indeed how wonderfully the surgery was done and through that revealed to me that Aria's heart is on a strong path to healing. No restrictions. If we had said no because we were afraid of all the "what ifs" with her heart, we never would've had a chance to experience all these things... never would've had the chance to experience our sweet little girl.

We've had so much to be thankful for, and today God has revealed to us even more that we are just in awe of. We are so grateful to Him for the work He is doing in this little girl's life.


  1. That is an AMAZING testimony! And we worship an AMAZING God!

  2. "Who is like you, O Lord among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, DOING wonders?" Exodus 15:11
    Rejoicing with you!