Friday, January 20, 2012

Aria's Friend Finds Us!

Last night we received an email from the orphanage that Aria stayed at. The email said there was an American family that had adopted a little girl from the same orphanage back in 2010, and she and Aria were good friends. They gave us the family's email address.

We immediately tried to contact the family via Facebook, and there we actually saw 2 pictures on their FB page of our daughter and their daughter at the orphanage together! It was a bit surreal to see those, but also gave us a wonderful sense of peace!

This family was very touched by Aria, remembered her, and in fact have been praying since they met her back in 2010 that she would find her forever family. Isn't it amazing how God works? We got one more little piece of her past revealed to us (and every little piece of the past for adopted children is a huge treasure to the family and to the kids!). We also found out that strangers on the other side of the United States have been praying for her to come home to us, her forever family.

Isn't that just the goodness and greatness of God?

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